Dental elevator pitch
A surgical Service the dentists can’t live without. 
Dentists are not experienced in surgery but want to capture dental implant and oral surgery production. We help dentists provide high-quality in-house surgery with contractor flexibility and no corporate liability. 
Part 1. Planning and guides
Surgical treatment planning, coordination, and full guided printed surgery. 
All surgical plans are specialist approved with a quote at no additional cost. ($150 value) (Daniel, Dr. W)
Part 2. Implant Surgical service 
If the dentist is not confident in doing the case, either a registered surgical assistant can guide the case or an Oral surgeon can travel to the office. One surgeon per 2000 dentists, 5 large cases per week. (Dr. Watkins, Daniel, Diego)
Part 3. LOP (letter of protection) provider
Lawyer partnership to be the clinical provider of choice for legal tort settlements in dental and Maxillofacial reconstruction. (Dong, Sheila, Daniel)
Part 4. Continuing Education
Take the process into mainstream, educating doctors on why we do it the way and why it is safer and more profitable and better for patient. (Koorosh, Daniel) 
Part 5. Other Complementary products or processes, patents, implants. 
Main competitor: Implant Concierge. 
Todo investment:
Webflow of user experience for skeleton (Daniel), UX and visual design (JR), Software developer for automation and UI $50k. Backbone production portal.
Then simple marketing and sales (lean 5%, heavy 10%)
Daniel production:
200 implants per year, up to 1500-2000 implants design limit per year.
1-2 AOX cases per month
$5000 profit per full arch case
Full service. 

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